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NARI's researchers and Ambassadors are frequently cited in the media or are asked to prepare comment pieces.

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Avatars are controlled by a group of people aged 70 plus in separate rooms, wearing virtual reality (VR) headsets. All these people are aged 70 and over. They are members of the “Technology Explorers” who are collaborating with NARI and University of Melbourne researchers to design new virtual worlds that will benefit older people by promoting social participation.


Australian women are willing to tell others about their bladder leakage but the majority simply laugh off the health issue, a new survey has found.


In a report by the National Ageing Research Institute in partnership with Senior Rights Victoria, it was estimated that six to 10 per cent of older Victorians experience elder abuse, while more than 90 per cent of elder abuse occurs within the family context and is most likely to be perpetuated by a son or daughter of the older person.


Older Australians in residential aged care facilities are five times more likely than those living independently to experience mental health issues, according to a review by the National Ageing Research Institute on behalf of Beyondblue.